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The Aviat Husky is the ultimate backcountry airplane. Developed for flights to difficult mountain areas in the Rocky Mountains and Alaska – so an ideal aircraft for demanding airports in Europe – be it in the mountains or simply difficult and short airstrips to land.

Access new areas that will take your breath away in a Husky. Its rugged, handcrafted construction, wide-field visibility and tandem seating create an extremely comfortable and secure environment for safely flying into places other planes simply can’t...

The airplane is FAA and EASA certified and more than 650 Huskys are worldwide in operation by bushpilots, hunters, forrest service agencies or famous pilots like Harrison Ford.

This best in class airplane operates not only on normal wheels or bushwheels, but it is also a high performer on skis or floats.

The performance is simply impressive:
200’ takeoff, 50 to 140 mph cruising speeds, an 800 mile range und 300’ landings!

Husky A-1C

The Husky is still very much a handcrafted airplane with most modern material and based on the latest technology.  The Husky is fully equipped, ready with fittings for skis and floats.

Many buyers choose to customize their aircraft with custom paint, custom sound systems, ergonomic leather seats, floats, skis, advanced avionics packages and more.

When you own a Husky, you own an aircraft that is built to meet your specific needs and the level of comfort and style you demand.

The performance of this 180 HP airplane is more than impressive. With 60% span semi-fowler flaps you will enjoy operating into extremely short airfields – for other airplanes a major challenge, or simply not possible. In some European countries like the UK or Sweden you are allowed to land on private properties – a joy with a Husky.

Safety is the prime value for Aviat Aircraft Ltd. Based on a special US FAA certification, Huskys can be equipped with special Aviation Airbags.

The Husky comes with a long list of standard equipment items. In addition, you have the choice of many attractive options and different engines.


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About us

Conlogic Aviation is the official dealer for Aviat Aircraft in Europe, based in Switzerland and Sweden.

Conlogic Aviation works with a group of highly specialized flight instructors to make your tailwheel transition successful. Our certified flight instructors are all licenced mountain/glacier experts.

Our partner for maintenance AIRLA, Langenthal offers all specialized support to reassemble your Husky at delivery in Europe or maintain your aircraft. As one of the very few aircraft maintenance companies, they encourage you to assist personally during maintenance work on your Husky; you will get to know your airplane also inside out.